Terms & Conditions

1. Cracking In The Wood

Our table tops are made from pieces of solid wood. Cracking is not common but it should be expected as the wood acclimatises to indoor conditions and breathes naturally,  therefore contracting or expanding slightly depending on the time of year. New tables may develop these cracks at the ends and along the pieces as they acclimatise to indoor conditions. If you are unhappy with the condition of the cracks we will work with you to restore them professionally after the acclimatisation has finished (which depends on the time of year).


2. Natural Features

We select our timbers for their natural beauty, so you should expect knots and other natural features of the wood to be visible. These will be left in their natural state unless specifically asked to do otherwise by the table owner at the time of order.


3. Overall Table Width

Because the live-edge of a table undulates, the finished table width in a live edge table top may be +/-5% of the specified width at the time of order. Over time, the oak may also shrink slightly (up to 5%) across the grain, or width, of the table.


4. Gaps in Boards

Because of seasonal movement in wooden boards, due to their natural breathing throughout the year, gaps may develop between the boards. The table will maintain 100% of its strength and integrity.


5. Differences in Colour

Because we use 100% natural wood, differences in the colour of a board and between boards are to be expected, but we always aim to select timbers from the same tree to keep these natural variations to a minimum.


6. Colour Matching to Existing Furniture

Because of the individual nature of each board, we are unable to offer exact colour-matching in the finish of the table to an existing piece of furniture. We are happy to use a particular finish that we don’t offer as standard, just ask at the time of ordering for details.


7. Staining and Marking

The wood finish we use provides a level of protection against staining and marking, but even with the upmost care tables can mark and stain. So we advise using placemats and coasters 100% of the time to avoid this issue. If your table is accidentally marked or damaged we can help, so get in touch with some photos to find out your options.


8. Glass Specification

All glass supplied with our River Tables tables is 6mm toughened to European safety standard to prevent shattering. This means it is able to support any reasonable amount of weight from common indoor living room items, but extra care should be taken when removing or moving the glass as the edges can chip. Due to the bespoke nature of these tables, replacement glass cannot be provided so take care folks!


9. Table Legs and Bases

Our stainless steel legs and bases are finished with a coloured or clear powder coated (painted) table legs or bases can be chipped with impact from another object. Any damage should be repaired (touched-up) by a professional to avoid corrosion of the parent steel.


10. GDPR

As of 25th May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the existing 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (European Directive 95/46/EC). Revive Joinery is fully compliant with new GDPR legislation ensuring that all of our customers data is kept safe and not shared. Our server systems store data within the United Kingdom and our Finance, Banking and Payment systems run by third party organisations are all compliant with the requirements of protecting data.