At Revive Joinery you may have realised that we do things slightly differently than others!

With that in mind, it is worth remembering that we do use ‘reclaimed’ materials, this does not mean the quality is less, the finish is reduced or the items are unsatisfactory, it simply means they have lived! They have thrived as existing pieces or products, some for over hundreds of years, what we do is simply give these incredible bits of nature a new lease of life.

Our pieces are like people, no two will ever be the same, they will have similarities, they will have matching themes but each will be unique and have their own special marks and traits, thus making it ‘yours’, your very own one of a kind.

Revive Joinery Timbers

The Materials

There may be chips; there could be dents; who knows, maybe some interesting knots or grains in the wood, in some cases even impressions where industrial nails have once been! These are not faults or imperfections; these are badges of character and strength.  We make every effort to accentuate these marvellous and unique traits and therefore in some cases they become part of the very fabric of the piece and are paramount to making each of our items one of a kind.

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts and the adventurous lives our materials have had before! Our products and creations are finished to the highest standards and we are proud of our reputation. We ensure all our items are made to our customer’s exact requirements and we will consult with you at every stage to ensure you have the piece of furniture that is perfectly right for you.

Caring For Your Items

We make furniture from reclaimed wood as we love the materials. We hope you do too, so we’d like to think you’ll be taking tip-top care of your purchases to ensure they last an eternity. Here’s a few dos and don’ts that we’d like you to follow…

Avoid Intense Heat Sources

We cannot stress the importance of keeping your purchases away from intense heat sources. The higher temperatures produced by wood burners, radiators and fire places can warp and distort the materials. If you’re planning on placing your item next to one of these heat sources, then maybe we’re not the supplier for you.

Protecting Your Table

We always finish our creations to a high standard, using Osmo Poly Oil which is resistant to nearly everything under the sun. Over time, tables may lose their satin sheen but can easily be brought back to live with a top up of your chosen colour finish.

Cleaning Your Furniture

When cleaning your products, we suggest simply using a damp cloth. There’s no need for harsh abrasives or bleach based cleaning products as this may wear away the finish.