Revive Joinery is a hand crafted furniture & fixtures shop based in Sussex. Run by two Brighton born friends, Ed Gunter and Jon Neal, sustainability plays a huge role in each of our creations.

We formed Revive Joinery with the sole purpose of turning industrial and commercial materials into high-end unique furniture for your home. As you may have guessed from the name, reclamation and sustainability are at the core of our business ethos. We use a number of different materials to design and create beautifully handmade pieces.

Revive Joinery River Table

Sustainability plays a huge role in the design of each creation.

Even before a hand is laid upon a saw or hammer, Sussex is ruthlessly scoured for reclaimed and sustainable wood to set each project apart. This way each customer will know their items are not only a piece of quality craftsmanship, but also a sustainable part of Sussex and British industrial history.

Reclaimed Materials

All our designs are built from reclaimed wood, or wood that comes from sustainable sources. This totally eliminates the need for cutting down fresh new trees, which saves both money and more importantly, the environment.

Reduced Waste

The great thing about our design process is that what others see as undesirable, we see as invaluable. Each creation is designed to totally minimise as much waste during production as possible.

Revive Joinery River Tables

Originally formed by founder Ed Gunter, Revive Joinery has snowballed into an independent furniture and fixtures business based around the core principles of sustainable and reclaimed design.

Jon Neal joined Revive in 2014 and immediately it was obvious that it was time to kick it up a gear with bigger and better ideas.

Revive Joinery - Meet The Team - Ed Gunter

Ed Gunter

Revive Joinery - Meet The Team - Jon Neal

Jon Neal

Between us, we’ve had quite a few adventures; from leading troops in the British Armed Forces, walking the length of the UK solo for charity, being at the epicentre of running the Paralympic closing ceremony or delivering multi-million pound digital projects. We can safely say that none of them are quite like this new adventure.

Throughout both our varied careers, we’ve always made it our utmost priority to deliver a standard that we ourselves would expect and this has never been truer than at Revive Joinery. All our items are hand crafted with time, passion, care and a steadfast attention to detail.